Analysis: Expressions

Name Organism Description Program
PRJNA182180 N. oceanica IMET1 <p>Global transcriptomic changes following N-deprivation.</p> nf-core/rnaseq
PXD008721 N. oceanica IMET1 <p>Proteomic profiling reveals single-cell-level phenotypic heterogeneity in lipid storage.</p> MaxQuant, Perseus
PRJNA285666 N. oceanica CCMP1779 <p>Transcriptomic measurements through a light:dark cycle.</p> nf-core/rnaseq
PRJNA157867 N. oceanica CCMP1779 <p>RNA sequencing data from N-replete and N-depleted.</p> nf-core/rnaseq
PXD008499 N. gaditana B-31 <p>Whole proteome of fresh and atomized samples.</p> MaxQuant, Perseus
PRJNA174770 N. gaditana B-31 <p>Transcriptome profiling in nitrogen depletion.</p> nf-core/rnaseq