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Nannochloropsis oceanica IMET1 version 2:

Genome assembly FASTA: IMET1v2.fasta
Gene structure annotation GFF3: IMET1v2.gene.gff3
Repeat annotations: IMET1v2.fasta.RM.tar.gz
Protein sequences: IMET1v2.protein.fa
6mA methylation: IMET1v2_m6A.gff
Conversion with IMET1v1: IMET1v2.synonym.txt

Oxford Nanopore MinION assemblies:

Miniasm: utg.fa
Miniasm+Racon: utg_polished.fa
Miniasm+Racon+Quiver: ont_quiver.ass.fasta
N. salina CCMP537 contigs:  GCA_004335465.1_ASM433546v1_genomic.fna
Collection of genome assemblies from QIBEBT:  database.tar.bz2