GSE149904, RNA-seq, phosphate deprivation, GSE149904

Analysis NameGSE149904
Organism NameNannochloropsis oceanica (N. oceanica IMET1)
Methodnfcore/rnaseq (nfcore/rnaseq 1.3)
SourceRNA-seq, phosphate deprivation, GSE149904
Date performed2020-10-10

  In our study, we modified the proportion of macroelements in f/2 medium, thus Nannochloropsis. oceanica can produce double total fatty acid (TFA) and septuple triacylglycerol (TAG) under phosphate deprivation (PD) with no significant changes in biomass, and no reduction in photosynthetic capacity during an earlier stage, to discover the molecular mechanisms of lipid product in Nannochloropsis. oceanica. IMET1 samples and study its relationship with other biochemical changes, the global gene expression of phosphate deprivation over time was determined by RNA sequence. Considering that the changes in gene expression after phosphate deprivation may be earlier than the changes in cellular compounds, 0, 6, 12, 24, and 48 hours were chosen as the time points for RNA-seq, and each time point was repeated three times.

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